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The Computer People deliver IT support to both corporate and domestic clients. Most of our business clients take advantage of our 12-month contract which includes:

  • Unlimited telephone support for any machine under contract – guaranteed response within 2 hours
  • Remote support for any machine under contract
  • If a site visit is required, we guarantee attendance within 8 working hours of your call
  • Software and hardware purchases (additional fees apply)
  • No charge for software set-up
  • Hardware set-up and installation (additional fees apply)

Prices are tailored to your requirements, depending on the number of devices requiring support. It cannot be underestimated how important it is that business owners protect themselves by having this ‘on tap’ support available to them. We build a relationship with you and get to know your ‘IT estate’. We are always on the end of the phone and happy to help if you have any queries.

We also provide ad-hoc support for IT emergencies or one-off pieces of work, mainly for domestic clients but also for some businesses.

Laptop and Desktop
Maintenance & Repairs

A quick clean up or repair with ongoing maintenance can make all the difference to a slow PC or laptop.


Windows Server Support

Some businesses have their own onsite servers to manage the data they process or systems they use to run their business. These need to be monitored and managed to ensure they continue to run efficiently and securely. On occasion they can fail, and you’ll need support to get them back up. The Computer People has a comprehensive Windows Server Support package. If the time is right for you to move to Cloud based servers, we will give you guidance and support to make the move a success.


Offsite Backup &
Disaster Recovery

Where are all your business files held? What about your personal family photos? How is your business data, documentation, personal files protected from loss? Do you have it stored to your desktop, or is it in a cloud-based solution like Microsoft 365 or GSuite? Maybe it’s on an external hard drive or a data stick in a drawer next to your PC or laptop. Either way, what happens when there is a fire or flood, or theft?  Or what if you delete something from your Microsoft or Google account?

The Computer People can provide a safe back-up solution for you allowing recovery of files that have been lost or stolen.

We use cloud-based servers to back up your crucial business documentation or personal files. Our back up and disaster recovery service includes:

  • Provision, maintenance and testing of all off site backup and restore functions.
  • Recovery of files and data following catastrophic hardware & software failures.

Virus removal and protection

Is your computer running slowly? Do you get lots of pop-ups or adverts when you’re surfing the internet? Maybe you’ve received an email holding your data to ransom? The chances are, that it’s a computer virus or some form of malware. But don’t panic! We can remove 99% of current viruses and malware software within 12 hours. The Computer People provide SentinelOne endpoint security the best virus protection for your PC or Mac.


Email system support

For home users email services are pretty straightforward. Simply register to a service like Google,  Microsoft 365 (Outlook), or use the email supplied by your broadband provider perhaps. But for business, email set up and management can be quite complex, especially if you have a team of employees. For new businesses who may have set themselves up using something like Gmail or Outlook, well, you need that extra credibility using an email address that belongs to your business – not BTinternet, Hotmail or Google for example.

The Computer People can set up, manage and maintain your email systems, making your business run smoothly and professionally. It’s all down to something called DNS…


Remote monitoring and management

The Computer People will actively check and monitor your IT estate, whether that’s one machine or 200. Both 24-hour and 15-minute checks are carried out to ensure optimum performance and the anti-virus system is monitored to ensure it is running and up to date.



The Computer People deliver ad-hoc, on demand training but we are looking to expand this service as it becomes increasingly popular. We are looking to use nearby spaces to deliver training and plans are underway to develop this service. Watch this space!

Training support is available for:

  • Email – attaching files, signatures, out of office
  • LibreOffice, Open Office and Microsoft Office
  • Setting up document templates
  • Developing and using databases
  • Hardware set-up and use
  • Bespoke training packages on all types of hardware and software

Microsoft 365

The Computer People provide advice and support for Microsoft 365, a cloud-based Microsoft solution that can be purchased for either corporate or domestic use. Whether you need support in making it work effectively for your business, or whether you want help sharing it on devices in the home, we can help.



A good network and W-Fi solution is crucial for home and office. We help our corporate clients run efficiently and securely, providing all types of network services allowing connectivity between systems and devices on site as well as supporting remote working – all with high level network security in place.

For domestic clients, whether you are using broadband and Wi-Fi to work from home, or simply to connect your multitude of online devices like TVs, games consoles and tablets, there’s nothing worse than not being able to do what you need to do, keep the kids quiet, or enjoy Season 2 of Ozarks (or whatever takes your fancy) on Netflix.


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What our customers say

I took my laptop in because it was running extremely slowly. I was told that they would put a new hard drive in it. They quoted a very reasonable price. After 24 hours, I called for an update. It was still running too slowly and was updating so Dave said he was not happy to let it go yet. He worked on it for a few days, eventually finding that it was my anti-virus software which was causing problems. As my car was off the road, Dave delivered the laptop back to my home at 7am, on way to the office. Brilliant service, good prices and lovely people to deal with. Thank you

Bridget Highwood