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Have you made a Digital Will?

Who needs a Digital Will?

We all need a digital will.
So much of our lives are now managed online. Whether it’s banking, paying bills, managing investments, or even just socializing with family and friends, we have countless online accounts that we use every day.
At an already emotional time, the last thing anyone needs is to be battling with passwords to gain access to our online information if we haven’t put things in order ahead of time. Many companies have unclear policies in the event of someone’s passing, resulting in lengthy wait times, stressful processes, and endless hand-offs from one representative to another just to reset a password or get access to an account.

There are many reasons for a digital will below are just a few

  • You have a significant online presence and want to ensure its handled according to your wishes.
  • You have a significant other who needs to continue managing day-to-day life in your absence, like paying bills.
  • You run a business and have passwords to critical company accounts that need to be settled or handed off should something happen.
  • You have ageing parents or close relatives who need assistance managing accounts and carrying out their final wishes.
  • You manage your financial assets online and need to ensure someone you trust can settle your accounts.?

How to make one:

You need to document the following information:

  1. Passwords
    These are the ones for laptops, computers, tablets
  2. Pin Numbers
    these would be for laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, (basically any device you key a code in to use it)
  3. Security Questions answers such as your first school/car/job  or favourite teacher/film
  4. Account passwords – these will be for the systems you use online, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix ( and any other website you register to use)
  5. Voicemail pin (not everyone will have this)
  6. Loyalty card, membership numbers
  7. Medical ID’s and insurance numbers
  8. Recurring subscriptions and which payment method they use
  9. anything you have set up that has password access that only you know of that will need dealing with.

Activate Digital Heirs where you can:

Some websites do have processes for designating a digital heir and allowing your trusted contact to carry out your final wishes. Be sure to note in your digital will where you have turned on these features.

Do it all with a Password Manager:

There are several password management systems out there, which will help with this, if you are unsure or would like any help or advice, give us a call or email.

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